KaloKalo - Arieta Tegeilolo Talanoa Tora Rika

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KaloKalo  - Arieta Tegeilolo Talanoa Tora Rika

Kalokalo, meaning stars in Vosa vakaViti, is Arieta Rika’s first published collection of poems, spanning themes of motherhood, romance, friendship, grief, anger, healing, love.

Published by Rarama Ink in collaboration with 5ever Books, edited by Emele Ugavule and Losalini Tuwere (Vosa vakaViti), and designed by Elsie Andrewes, Kalokalo takes readers on a journey through the galaxies of human emotion.

Dedicated to her children, and an ode to her paternal island home of Fiji, Kalokalo is an intimate insight into the whispers of a mother to her child, a daughter to her father, reflections between sisters, lovers, enemies, and friends.