Everything That Moves, Moves Through Another: An Anthology from Mixed Heritage Creatives in Aotearoa

$65.00 NZD
Everything That Moves, Moves Through Another: An Anthology from Mixed Heritage Creatives in Aotearoa

217ish pages, 235mm x 185mm

EVERYTHING THAT MOVES, MOVES THROUGH ANOTHER is a landmark anthology that brings together the creative work of twenty-seven mixed-heritage creatives from across Aotearoa.

Weaving together a range of artistic mediums and giving space to both emerging and experienced creatives, this anthology lays the groundwork for deeper and more empathetic conversations around the experience of mixed-heritage individuals.

Through an open call for contributors in 2023, this publication was created in response to the lack of authentic representation for biracial, mixed-heritage and multi-ethnic individuals living in Aotearoa. Everything That Moves, Moves Through Another features photography, comics, essays, poetry and multimedia art.


Nina Mingya Powles - a creative response
Kim Anderson — Where r u really from?
Cadence Chung — Visitations
Kàtia Miche – What melts into air?
Damien Levi — Ngā mihi
Jefferson Chen — blending in standing out
Ivy Lyden-Hancy — te manu and the sky waka
Jessica Miku 未久 — What Kind of Miracles
Ruby Rae Lupe Ah-Wai Macomber — My Moana Girls
Ying Yue Pilbrow — Wayward
Emma Ling Sidnam — Sue Me
Jimmy Varga — The Asian
Jill and Lindsey de Roos — What are you?
Daisy Remington — What Makes Up Me
Chye-Ling Huang — Black Tree Bridge
Evelina Lolesi — Self Portrait: Mapping Tidal Whenua
Eamonn Tee — Innsmouth
Emele Ugavule — For Ezra
Harry Matheson — Between A Rock And A Hard Place
kī anthony — Never Quite Home
Maraky Vowells — Created Communicated Connected
Dr Meri Haami and Dr Carole Fernandez —
Kechil-kechil chili padi: Ahakoa he iti, he kaha ngā hirikakā
Nkhaya Paulsen-More — Walking Between Two Worlds
Yani Widjaja — Oey黃 is for Widjaja
Chyna-Lily Tjauw Rawlinson — My Whānau
romesh dissanayake — A Remembered Space

EDITED BY: Jennifer Cheuk 卓嘉敏
PUBLISHED BY: 5ever books

ISBN: 978-0-473-71356-0