Punch a Hole in the Sky to Let in the Light

$25.00 NZD
Punch a Hole in the Sky to Let in the Light

Written by Jennifer Love

PUNCH A HOLE IN THE SKY TO LET IN THE LIGHT illuminates incidents bizarre and disconcerting: creatures changing material and omens materializing out of thin air; women confronting death and feeling cornered into acts of violence. The characters populating these confessionals and fever dreams are at odds with the surrounding world. Their struggles and choices hold a funhouse mirror up to the socialization we’re subject to straight out of the womb, and the expectations we then hold each other to for the rest of our strange, sad days. Cauterize those knuckles and grab your shades, baby – the light is searing.

About the author:
Jennifer Love is a writer and clown school reject from the Bay Area. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in X-RAY, Minola Review, Storm Cellar, Autre, and elsewhere. Her first novel Please Fear Me is forthcoming autumn 2024 from Fairlight Books.